Tiva 8 Washer Disinfector

Small, reliable and customizable

The Tiva 8 washer disinfector provides a flexible turnkey solution for washing, disinfecting and drying diverse medical instruments for a complete decontamination life cycle.  The TIVA 8 washer can be loaded up to 4 washing levels with a large variety of washing trolleys and accessories and is best suited for clinics and dental practices.

Easily manage, analyze and print your data

A full control and all-in-one operation from a single touch panel with color display

Graphical report of washing phases including time and temperature

Multi color chamber LED light (White, Green, Red) operates during loading, unloading and running the program

Comply with regulation by saving washing cycles data

USB and RS232 connectivity

Printer for data documentation (optional)

Technical specifications

Overall Dimensions (WxDxH)

23.6” x 25.6” x 33.9”
Chamber Volume
165 Liter
Cold water connection
Hot water connection
Connection for demineralized water
Integrated water softener with salt box
Electrical Connections
Comes in 2 different power configurations:
3-Phase 208-240V without Neutral, 60Hz
Single Phase 208-240V without Neutral, 60Hz

Dental Package


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