Disposable Medical Curtains

Cubicle Curtains

It is not commonly known but cubicle curtains can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Continuously in contact with doctors, nurses, patients and the public, they are often contaminated with staph, pneumonia, blood borne pathogens, infectious body fluids (vomit), spills, etc and provide a weak link in the fight against hospital acquired infections.

While washing cubical correctly can insure the elimination of infectious elements during the wash cycle, it is no guarantee that the curtains are hygienically clean when they are rehung. The washed curtains are usually man handled during the rehanging process and it would not be usually for them to come into contact with the ward floor. Once rehung the cycle of re contamination resumes immediately. The risk of cross contamination can be reduced if a antimicrobial additive is introduced during the wash cycle. Unfortunately this adds to the already high cost of washing the curtains.

A safer and more cost effective solution

Disposable curtains are a safer and more cost effective solution to the problem. Washing cubicle curtains is laborious. The curtains are heavy and must first be removed from the rails, the curtain hooks are then removed, the curtains sent to the laundry to be cleaned and pressed, the hooks are then refitted and the curtain sent back to the ward to be rehung. Disposable curtains on the other hand are light, hygienic and easy to fit. They are strong, antimicrobial and fire resistant as well as being recyclable. They come individually wrapped in plastic that is only removed after the curtain is fitted. There is a label on each curtain which can be written on and indicates when the curtain was lasted changed.

The Silver Effect

Our disposable curtains are coated with a Nano-silver antimicrobial solution which inhibits the growth of micro organisms including mrsa.

Nano Silver is an antimicrobial colloid composed of silver nanoparticles stabilised by polymer and exhibits excellent antimicrobial efficacy to a wide spectrum of microorganisms.

Microorganisms, also known as microbes or germs, include bacteria, fungi and algae, and are found everywhere on earth. In some situations microbes can cause a variety of problems, such as leading to foul odors, discoloration and formation of bio-film, degrading and corroding of the material, even food poisoning.

Nano silver has:

  • Excellent Antibacterial, sterilisation, anti fungus, deodorisation functions
  • It is non toxic and non harmful to human body
  • Environmental friendly ingredient and product
  • Excellent resistance or tolerance to bacteria and virus
  • Excellent lasting effects and long-term stability

Standard Sizes
7.5mtrs width x 2mtrs height
4.5mtrs x 2mtrs
7.5mtrs x 2.6mtrs


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