TX NavigatOR

The TX NavigatOR control device offers high value at a low price. It coordinates various cameras simultaneously, communicates images internally and externally to up to 12 monitors, documents specific work steps and directs the light. Ideal for small and mid-sized hospitals intending to start with telemedicine.

Medical Control of Devices

Aurinio® LED OR lights // Aurinio® camera systems // Fidesca® PM cleanroom luminaires // room luminaires with DALI control // IS 500 OP media bridge // Medidrant® OR ceiling supply unit

Streaming in SD or HD Quality
An encoder compresses image and video sequences and enables digital image transmission of camera signals (e.g. room camera, light camera, endoscopy camera) from the OR via LAN in real time over large distances
TX NavigatOR
Assignment of video and image data from up to 12 sources to up to 12 monitors // visualisation of video, image and patient data

Image data saved in SD or HD quality // decentral saving possible // to recorder and/or USB stick

Video Conference
Sound and vision for tele-consultation and for study and training purposes // full HD quality // bidirectional video
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