IS 500 OP

The cleanroom-compliant IS 500 OP supply system enables all-round care of patients in operating theatres with light and media. The system can be combined with all air supply ceilings. The glass air conduction covers are attached above the media bridge to stabilise the flow of air without influencing this via the media supply at the edges. This ensures extremely high air purity in the field of operation. Patented rotary corners enable mobility of even fully-laden equipment trolleys. The perfect media bridge for surgeons and anaesthetists who must always be able to freely vary their workplace position.

90° Utilisation
Patented rotary elements in the corners for moving gear trays // slideable device positions enable ergonomic working for surgeons and anaesthetists

Future-Fit and Ergonomic Supply System
Via media equipping on three sides or on all four sides // inner and outer equipment levels
IS 500 OP
IS 500 OP Compound System
Ceiling-sided general lighting with Fidesca® PM and on upper side in the media bar // media supply and indirect general lighting with IS 500 OP // OR field lighting with Aurinio® OR lights // patented rotary elements in corners for moving gear trays // gear tray systems for accommodating all necessary peripheral devices // low-turbulence displacement flow in the complete OR area

Integration Options
Integration of indirect lighting in integrated OR systems via DALI Easy // interface in integrated OR systems such as TX NavigatOR

Indirect Lighting
Optionally with white and green light // for minimally invasive surgery
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