Fidesca PM

IP65 protection rating prevents the ingress of dust and splash water. The laminated safety glass ensures protection from splinters if glass fractures. Patients and personnel remain protected even if the glass cover is destroyed. Fidesca® features highly homogeneous illumination of the operative surroundings. Light colour can be set to white, green or individual RGB light according to needs. The right solution for the high-security area. Also with LED technology.

Reliable Hygiene

IP65 protection according to IEC 144 // dust-tight and almost bacteria-tight

Freedom of Interface
No disturbance factors between luminaire electronics and infrared controls
Fidesca PM
100% protection from fracturing // rupture resistance due to laminated safety glass // structured glass panel avoids reflections with use of lasers // resistant to disinfectants and UV radiation

Fidesca® PM (RV) Optical System for Fluorescent Lamps and LED
Individually adjustable specular reflectors of aluminium // symmetric or asymmetric light distribution // individually settable through +/– 30°

Certified Quality
Selected luminaires of the series are certified by the Fraunhofer Institute for Production

OR Integration
Integration of lighting control into integral OR systems, e.g. TX NavigatOR

Fidesca® PM (RPX) Optical System for Fluorescent Lamps
Optimal illumination of VDU screens // can be used in pre-op and recovery rooms and intensive medicine // complies with EN 12464-1 // contrast-rich and glare-free lighting conditions

Electronic Ballasts
Individual control of light is made possible by the use of electronic ballasts for each fluorescent lamp or each LED field in connection with the DALI interface // dimming with fluorescent lamps (also endoscopic green light, light scenes, RGB)

Three Light Colours
Dynamic RGB coloured light control and white-white control with fluorescent lamps // supports the circadian biological rhythm of the personnel

Fidesca LED
TRILUX Medical LED light technology // colour rendering: RA > 90
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