Aurinio LED OR Lights

The cool light of the Aurinio® LED OR light protects the tissue of patients from dehydration and ensures ideal work conditions for doctors and personnel. The power LEDs feature extremely low maintenance, are reliable and despite maximum luminous efficacy have a longer service life than other light sources. The design is futuristic, and the form compact, flat and streamlined. The ideal OR light for surgeons who demand a great deal. Aurinio® LED OR light for maximum performance with minimum consumption.


IP54 protection in compliance with IEC 144 against the ingress of dust and water // wipe disinfection-resistant // re-sterilizable handgrip or one-way sterile handgrip // streamlined light housing for Laminar Air Flow air-handling ceilings

Illuminance and Illumination Depth
Example of Aurinio® L 160 PM // central illuminance at 1m distance 160,000 lux // illumination depth L1 + L2 consists of 950 mm // high shadow resolution
Aurinio LED OR Lights
Luminous Efficacy
LED technology achieves high light output ratio // more efficiency via compact construction // direct reflector-free light emittance via optical lenses

Optimal Illumination of Various Operating Field Sizes
Example of Aurinio® L 160 PM // variable light field diameter 200 mm to 300 mm

Adjustable Colour Temperature
For rich contrast illumination of differing tissue types // colour temperature in 3 steps, 3,800 K - 4,300 K - 4,800 K

Cool light without infrared rays // optimal area and depth illumination // shadow-free via ideal ratio of light body to light field diameter // natural colour rendition via white light (Ra of 96 over all dimming levels, 95 in the R9 red range) // settable between 22,000 and 160,000 lux

Better Viewing
Endoscopy mode // increases contrast effect for the operator with imaging techniques // reduces reflections on observation monitors with endoscopic operations // supplies discreet background lighting for orientation for the complete OR team

Maintenance and Energy
LAS technology for 100% lumen yield after many years // TRILUX Medical upgrade guarantee: adaptation of optics with new LED technology

Lens combination developed by TRILUX Medical with primary and secondary optic for focusing of light // high performance LEDs with maximum colour rendering // variable colour temperature (Aurinio® PM) // dimmable illuminance
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