Table Top LF - Compact Safety Cabinet for Product Protection

The ideal unit for:
  • Pharmacies
  • Medical Engineering departments
  • Medical Practices
  • Opticians
  • Laboratories
  • Research and Development
The ambient air is drawn in through a coarse dust filter installed on the top of the canopy. A specially designed EC radial fan ensures low noise levels and presses the air through the HEPA filter down into the work area. The unidirectional laminar airflow consequently creates sterile conditions within the working area. The air is vented out through the open front area as well as the perforated bottom work plate.
The table top – LF is designed for carrying out smaller jobs and procedures. It provides protection for the product and prevents external diversion or carryover of the particles and germs.
Tabletop LF Laminar Air Unit
  • The sterile, stable, vertical laminar air flow passes through the total interior cabin work space.
  • Due to the slight overpressure within the interior working area the external infiltration of impurities is avoided.
  • The ergonomic opening on the front side provides adequate space for the comfortable and safe handling within the Table Top LF. External air strays (through air conditioners or opening of doors) are kept out.
  • The perforated work plate ensures that the air is freely vented out and thus cross contamination is prevented.
  • The Table Top – LF is a light weight mobile unit with a small surface area of the canopy as well as an internal lamp ensure user friendliness.

Technical Specifications: Type LF50+

Dimensions: exterior: 510x510x810mm (WxDxH)
Interior: 450x450x450mm (WxDxH)
Filter: HEPA Filter: H14
Casing:Canopy: powder coated sheet steel
Frame:Aluminium profile, safety glass, clean room specific seals.
Workplate:polished, perforated stainless
Connection:100 Watt, 230V AC/50Hz

The table top LF complies with the following standards and regulations: VDI 2083, EN ISO 14644-1
T: 01 450 9050
Fax: 01 450 9060
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