SurgeonAir - Mobile Laminar Airflow System

  • Mobile laminar airflow system (sterile low turbulence displacement airflow) where you need it – in the wound area!
  • Ideal as an addition to or an alternative for laminar airflow ceiling systems and for the supply of sterile air in out-patient operating rooms (private practices)
  • Extraction of bacteria (emitted by the surgical team) in the floor area
  • Ideal airflow positioning in wound area due to easy motorized height and tilt adjustment of discharge head.
  • Laser beam protection zone indication
  • Protection zone extension through mountable sterile AIRguards
  • Maximum security of sterile air quality in wound area due to online distance and air particle monitoring
SurgeonAir Laminar Air Unit
Field of Application
More sophisticated requirements in modern-day operations have limited the effectiveness of laminar airflow ceiling systems over the past years. C-arms, instruments, operating lamps, patient warming (hypothermia) systems, portioning systems amongst others, obstruct the labile, vertical, low turbulence displacement airflow. In addition to the laminar airflow ceiling systems, the SurgeonAir mobile laminar airflow system is positioned as to provide a sterile, stable and directional airflow towards the wound area and thereby keeps airborne germs away from the wound area during surgical procedures. Due to its compactness the SurgeonAir unit is ideal to perform smaller surgical procedures in out-patient operating rooms under sterile air conditions.

Mode of Operation
The system sucks in the ground air, where most of the bacteria (emitted from the surgical staff) are found, through a fine dust pre-filter and pushes it up through the terminal end H14 HEPA-filter located in the discharge head. A laminarisor guarantees a stable, low turbulent and directed airflow. Easy motorized height and tilt adjustment of the air discharge head guarantees an optimal laminar airflow positioning in the wound area during surgical procedures.

  • Visualisation of the protection zone on the operating table
  • AIRguards
  • Online distance measurement
  • Online air particle monitoring
  • Touch screen
  • Video- and audio documentation
The unit complies with the ONORM H6020; SWKI 99-3; DIN 1946-4, HTM 03-01
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