Airboy Mobile Air re-circulating Unit with Hepa-Filter

  • Equipped with four-sided emission slots with variable blow-out direction and intensity to avoid drafts.
  • Small and easily manageable unit for maximum mobility due to 360° steerable rollers and flexible connecting cable.
  • Variable adjustment of air volume
  • 99,99% collection (filtration) efficiency (Filter class H13 according to EN1822)
  • Through the increase in air changes AIRBOY can support or even adopt the functions of ventilation and air conditioning plants
The integrated ventilator presses the air through the prefilter up through the HEPA filter. The ultra clean air then exits sideways out via the 4 laterally mounted venting slots. Through the adjustment (opening or closing) of the plate fins the number of used venting slots as well as their individual trajectory range can be regulated appropriately. Apart from the filter-change the AIRBOY unit is maintenance-free. In all high risk areas where aerial transferred infections can occur, respectively in rooms in which sterile air and/or multiple air changes are required.
Airboy Laminar Air Unit
Where is the AIRBOY used?
  • for hospitals, namely in isolation-, sterilization and intensive care units, preparation rooms for operating theatres, labs and/or retrofitting of rooms without ventilation.
  • waiting rooms in medical practices
  • in working/living rooms and environments, i.e. allergic persons
  • in emergency management, i.e. field hospitals, quarantines and tents
  • for seminar- and conference rooms as well as cloakrooms
  • for changing rooms in nurseries, schools in general and sporting facilities
  • variable applications in the pharmaceutical-, food-, microbiological-, microelectronics-, semiconductor-, as well as the aviation and aerospace industry.

Technical Data and versions:
Casing: powder-coated casing with 360°
steerable rollers
Connection: 230 VAC / 50 Hz or battery pack optional.
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Fax: 01 450 9060
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