Medidrant CSS Intensive

The Medidrant® CSS Intensiv solves the problem of the precise positioning of instruments and equipment for conducting pinpoint work in day-to-day intensive care. Stands on both sides of the bed allow the use of anything that is part of patient monitoring (vital parameters, pulse, blood pressure, ECG) and infusion (pumps, etc.). The Medidrant® CSS Intensiv. Pinpoint precision work due to precise positioning.

Modular system construction, open for expansions // more flexibility via simple equipment accessories // infusion bottle holder, monitor support and counter plates etc.

Flexible Positioning
Ceiling supply unit with 2-part arm: can be flexibly positioned at any point on a circular area // rotatable around own axis
Medidrant CSS Intensive
Lower maintenance costs via integral, fixed conduiting in the media base

Diversity of Variants
Fixed system for endoscopy and anaesthesia // height-adjustable system for surgery // tandem system for intensive care // mono and duo bracket arms with various lengths // solo or twin base for accommodating installation components
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