Aurinio L50

Their ergonomic intelligence creates mobility, and ease of operation simplifies the examinations. The Aurinio® L 50 combines the advantages of cool light with the longevity of LED technology. High light efficiency with long maintenance intervals. Available as a ceiling/wall-mounted or mobile luminaire, each in the variants Premium and Standard – both variants with integrated dimmer. The premium version features a surrounding railing for all models and additionally an automatic cable rewind for mobile lights. The ideal light for the hospital and the practice.

Excellent Color Rendering Index

Brilliant colours // cool light

More mobility due to cardan joint at light head // Ergonomic handling // More freedom of movement due to connection to wall or ceiling // long operating life
Aurinio L50
Optionally one-way sterile handle

High depth of illumination allows for larger placement distance from object

Integrated 3-stage dimmer
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