T60™ Ambulatory Syringe Pump

T60 - Benefits
  • Integral protective syringe cover
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Pole mounted or ambulatory
  • Integral rechargeable li-polymer battery
  • 3 point syringe detection feature
  • Syringe recognition of commonly used syringe brands (2 to 60ml)
  • Code protected clinician bolus function
T60™ Ambulatory Syringe Pump
Safety features include:
  • Fixed or variable code protected programmes that are configured and locked into the pump memory and can only be accessed by authorised personnel or technicians
  • Current infusion history can be viewed during infusion
  • Pump event log accessible via INFO MENU or downloaded to PC through BodyComm software
  • Comprehensive range of alerts/alarms with descriptive display of state and resolution
  • Lockable keypad to prevent inadvertent key activation
  • Alarmed syringe sensors to detect syringe displacement
  • Configurable occlusion pressures for different clinical applications or therapy
T60™ - Technical Specification
Chamber Volume
Syringe Pump with motor driven linear actuator, pulsed motion (560 pulses per mm)
Flow Rate:
0.05-10mL/h in 0.01mL increments, 10 to 650mL/h in 1 mL increments
Actuator travel:
c 106 mm available
Syringe sizes:
2mL to 50/60mL (Pump configured to most commonly used syringes including, BD Plastipak, Monoject, Braun, Terumo and Codan syringes but can also be programmed to other brands)
+/- 5% system accuracy (pump and set combined)
Occlusion pressure:
100-1500mmHg configurable (10mmHg increments) Max. actuator force 50N (5Kgf)
Integral rechargeable li-Polymer 1800 mAh
Battery operation:
c.100 full deliveries depending on infusion and set up parameters
4 line LCD display (128x64 pixels), dual colour operation LED with backlight
Alarms and Alerts:
When a problem is detected, the T60™ displays the following alarm messages, sounds an audible alarm and the LED lights red
Pump paused too long
Occlusionor syringe empty
End program
End battery
Syringe displaced
Syringe empty
T60 dimensions:
38 x 55 x 190mm
Type CF equipment, degree of protection against electrical shock Class II equipment.
IPX1 protection against ingress of water
ABS (fire retardant)
400g with battery
Electrical safety:
Complies with: EIC 60601-1 (Medical Electrical Equipment Safety), IEC 60601-2-24 (Infusion Pumps and Controllers), IEC 601-1-4 (Programmable Electrical Medical Systems)
Medical T60 syringe pump is designed to be in compliance with EN 60601-1 (safety) and IEC 601-1-2 (EMC)
Environmental Specifications:
Non operating conditions (transportation and storage):
Temperature: -25°C to 50°C (-13°F to +131°F)
Humidity: 5% to 100% R.H., non-condensing
Operating conditions:
The system may not meet all performance specifications if operated outside of the following conditions:
Temperature: +15°C to +45°C (+59°F to +113°F)
Humidity: 20% to 85% R.H. at +40°C, non-condensing
Air Pressure: 70kPa to 110kPa
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Fax: 01 450 9060
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