BodyGuard 545™ Epidural Infusion Pump

Intended to be used only for administration via the epidural or intrathecal route and fully complies with the recommendations of the NHS National Patient Safety Agency
BodyGuard 545™ - Benefits
  • Lightweight and compact, suitable for both bedside and ambulatory use
  • The BodyGuard pumping mechanism ensures outstanding accuracy and linearity of infusion, even at lowest rates to meet the standards of your most demanding specialties
  • 26 configurable medication protocols provide storage of drug therapies and limit set up time
  • Configurable modes of operation which can be set to patients understanding or specialty; continuous only, bolus only continuous plus bolus, and auto bolus
  • Adjustable air-in-line detection and occlusion pressure settings help to prevent nuisance alarms
  • Bolus configurable up to 1000ml/h, ideal for the delivery of fast acting pain relief medication
  • Rechargeable Li-Polymer battery and pole mounted mains charger allow greater flexibility
  • Automatic bolus rate adjustment optimises bolus delivery and prevents false occlusion alarms
BodyGuard 545™ Epidural Infusion Pump
Safety features include:
  • MediGuard Dose Error Reduction Software will automatically set a toxicity ceiling based on your patient’s weight, to prevent excess drug delivery
  • The built-in event log automatically records accurate and reliable data on pump use
  • The lockable keypad prevents inadvertent key presses
  • Fixed or variable code protected programmes are accessible only by authorised personnel
  • The Post-Occlusion Bolus Reduction System will safely release pressure from the line, following an occlusion, without administering a potential post-occlusion bolus
  • A range of alerts and alarms will draw immediate attention to any pump status requiring intervention
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