PlazMax High Speed & Low Temperature Sterilization

Low temperature sterilization is fast, safe and cost-effective with the PlazMax sterilizer, a plasma sterilizer designed to sterilize heat-sensitive instruments and materials. Its speed and space-efficient chamber help process high volume demand, with instruments being available for immediate use after sterilization. It has the versatility to sterilize a wide range of instruments including endoscopes.
  • 47 to 162 Liter chamber volume
  • Sterilizes heat sensitive instruments
  • Deep sterilization penetration
  • Highest international standards
  • Validation of each cycle phase
  • Short processing times
  • Deep sterilization penetration: 10 meter lumen with 1 mm diameter - open on both ends
  • Time saving: penetration and leakage test cycles are measured on a shortened cycle
  • Fast cycle turnaround: 25 minutes for the P50 model
  • Light weight and long lasting aluminium chamber in a stainless steel structure
  • Noise level below <65 dB for P50 model
  • After sterilization, instruments are available for immediate use or storage which reduces the need for expensive backup inventories
  • Fast turnaround means increased inventory utilization
  • Gentle sterilization extends your instrument’s life span by minimizing damage and reducing costly repair or replacement
PlazMax High Speed & Low Temperature Sterilization
  • Easy to install - no water, steam generator, or ventilation required
  • High vacuum pump for deep penetration
  • Minimal utility requirements – only electricity and the sterilizing agent are required
  • Easy mobility on four built-in wheels
  • Automatic door locking
  • Steam autoclave sterilization is not suitable for heat-sensitive equipment whereas a plasma sterilizer is suitable
  • Environmentally friendly due to no water consumption, no toxic exhaust, and low electric power needs

Safety features
Tuttnauer strives to provide sterilizers that ensure safety for patients, staff, and the environment.
Safety features include
  • No hazardous or odourous emissions
  • Low temperature and pressure during sterilization
  • The sterilization process results in water and oxygen by-products
  • Door is locked during cycle operation
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