TSM 850 Rotary Sealing Machine

The sterilization of medical instruments begins with the packaging. That is to say the packaging, and therefore also the validation of the packaging process, is crucial for guaranteeing sterility up to the point of use and for meeting quality standards.

An appropriate packaging system facilitates the safe packaging, sterilization, storage and aseptic removal of the sterile goods. Sealing a sterile package such as this is only possible with a sealing device whose functions meet the requirements of the German Industrial Standard DIN 58953-7 and which can be validated in terms of ISO 9001:2000.
  • Continuous monitoring of the relevant parameters: the unit is switched off automatically when there is a deviation from the set value
  • Seal-check function: direct connection to the ht 150 SCD seal checking device
Microprocessor-controlled printing unit
  • Printing takes place during the sealing process over the sealed seam:
  • Sterilization and use by date with automatic updating
  • Batch and personnel number
  • Symbols in accordance with EN 980
  • CE mark with subsequent text (for medical products in accordance with the law on medical products)
  • Text memory
  • Variable font size
  • Printer can be switched off
TSM 850 heat sealer
  • Menu-based operation via digital LCD display
  • Standard texts in German, English, French, Italian and Spanish
  • Clock and calendar function
  • Data storage and date extender even when device is switched off
  • Automatic maintenance check
  • "Seal-Check” function for the continuous process control
  • Follow-up calibration service with certificate
  • Standby function: the device goes into energy-saving standby mode after a predefined time (10 - 120 min)
  • Batch counter can be reset
Technical data TSM 850
Printing unit single line
Print start from edge infinitely adjustable in mm
Sealing speed 10 m/min
Sealing edge, infinitely adjustable 5 – 30 mm
Sealed seam width 12 mm
Safe dist. betw. seam & sealed object (DIN 58953-7) (A) > 30 mm
Temperature control microprocessor
Sealing temperature 80 – 220°C
Temperature tolerance < ± 1 %
Power 500 VA
Mains connection 230 V/50 Hz (115 V/60 Hz)
Size w x d x h 620 x 260 x 250 mm
Weight 23 kg
Housing chrome steel

  • Roller table TSM 500 RT, dimensions (wxhxd) 870 x 310 x 40mm
  • TSM 611 S Cutting device with roll holder in chrome steel
Dimensions hm 611 S (wxhxd) 458 x 125 x 344 mm
Roll diameter max. 200 mm
Cutting length max. 400 mm
T: 01 450 9050
Fax: 01 450 9060
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